Addiction Recovery Programme.

Infinite recovery is an addiction recovery programme that helps you wake up to your innate mental health. It is a gentle approach to a misunderstanding that has infinite potential, through insight, you see your reality differently and then everything in life looks different.

Not only do you recover from all addictions, life greatly improves in all areas, you experience more joy, contentment and peace of mind.

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    How does
    It work?
    Programmes are bespoke for institutions, and sessions can be block booked for individuals, groups, or addiction practitioners through the Zoom video conference platform.
    Who is it for?

    Who maybe Suffering and want group or 1 to 1 help with their addictions or mental health struggles.


    Including therapists, counsellors professionals or GP’s working in the field of addictions and or mental health.


    Dealing with addictions of any type or mental health struggles to deliver to your clients.

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    What’s on
    Whether you want to deliver this in your organisation, train to work with addictions, or recover from your own addiction, our programme has the infinite potential to awaken the peace of mind that lies inside all of us.
    Freedom from all addictions

    Experience real freedom from all addictions when seeing the misunderstanding.

    Lasting Peace of mind

    Living life beyond our thinking in the moment gives us more peace of mind.

    More Connection to life

    Live life in a higher state of mind, experiencing more joy and peace.

    Find Lasting Peace

    Everyone wants a little more peace of mind. Whether you are working with addictions or seeking peace for yourself, the infinite recovery programme will help you unravel your personal thinking and have a greater clarity about how life really works, free from the troubles that restrict you from living the life you want.

    Preventive and Curative

    If you are struggling with relapse, addiction or mental suffering, our programme will help you see life much clearer, to the point where it will no longer look like a good idea to medicate your experience in order to be ok, we aim to help anyone suffering to be free, and anyone who’s in a chronic state of relapse experience a new relationship with life

    Find your flow in life

    Life can feel like an uphill battle for many people, it seems like things just never go our way, when you see how this experience is created, life starts to take on a new direction. With Infinite recovery you will understand and experience the creative potential that we all have inside of us, that makes life feel more in flow.


    Life can seem like a huge effort, everything feels like it is on us to achieve, in this programme you will realise that life doesn’t have to be hard work, transformation does not take effort, it is not difficult, nor does it require years of trying, transformation can happen instantly in a moment of realisation, and is available to everyone, life changes effortlessly.

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