Lasting freedom from all
& eating disorders

Find out about our groundbreaking new live online programme treating addiction from the inside out.

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  • Infinite Recovery is a programme based on seeing the perfect mental health that is innate within all human beings.
  • Seeing beyond diagnosis and disease models of recovery.
  • How to live life at peace, experiencing more joy, contentment, security and a grounded sense of well-being.
  • We learn through the process, where our mental well-being comes from, and how to ride the roller coaster of life.
  • Insights you get in the programme, are permanent, and do not require upkeep or regular practice.

Every human being is sitting in the middle of mental health they just don’t know it.
-Syd Banks
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About the Programme
  • This programme can awaken the potential and unique mental well-being that lies within ALL individuals in the most effective, gentle and direct way. Once you get a glimpse of this, your world will change, you will no longer feel the need to use.
  • Through the process of profound conversations, you have insights into how things really work, your level of awareness is raised and you start to see life in a different light, your connection to wisdom is awakened
  • This approach is looking at your innate mental health. It is based upon the fact that you have all the answers inside of you, and only need guidance to shine a light on them.
Freedom from
all Addictions

Experience real freedom from all addictions when seeing the innocent misunderstanding


We are all born with innate mental well-being, far beyond any diagnosis.

Lasting Peace
of Mind

Living life beyond our thinking in the moment gives us more peace of mind.

to life

Live life in a higher state of mind, experiencing more joy, peace & contentment.

How is it
  • Online

    Through interactive live webinars on the zoom platform.

  • Face to face

    Through group or individual intensives in your place of work or a training venue.

  • Combination

    A mixture of both face to face training with online follow ups to keep everything fresh.

Who is
It for?
  • Individuals

    struggling who want help with their addiction or mental health struggles.

  • Organisations

    Dealing with addictions of any type or mental health struggles to deliver to your clients.

  • Practitioners

    including therapists, counsellors professionals or GP’s working in the field of addictions.

Founder’s Story

After being given my first antidepressant and mental health diagnosis at 9 years old, it looked like I was destined to live life through the system, being passed from ‘expert’ to ‘expert’ the only thing was, no one really understood mental health, only mental illness. Addiction just made complete sense at the time, escaping from the reality I had subconsciously created I would go to the ends of the earth to get my fix.

Ending up in the legal system for a crime after crime, going to jail and being a ‘hopeless case’ it looked like there was no exit from the world I lived in back then, the idea of having a somewhat ‘normal’ life was just a pipe dream that looked like it would never materialise.

Hopeless is exactly how it was, my internal world held no light for an ending to the life I was experiencing, little did I know I was creating the very experience I was escaping from.

After 10 years ending up on the streets in the depths of addiction, finding recovery should have been full of hope, but it was ladened with pitfalls and minefields to navigate, now I had a new term to deal with, the word ‘addict’, that apparently lasts forever.